My travelling patterns are much like an espresso, short and intense and with a lot of sugar thanks to the host with the most – Michael Kors! Last week I went to Shanghai for the first time ever, to celebrate the The Walk event.

When I arrived at the Waldorf Astoria, not only was I greeted by the most spectacular view of the skyline, the MK fam remembered my favourite flower and had beautiful white roses arranged by my bed and a gorgeous goodie bag of course.

Before the event, we went on an amazing tour of the city and stopped by the majestic Jing’an Temple. This is what I love about Shanghai, the old, traditional lives side by side in perfect harmony with the ultra modern. The city is dynamic and has something interesting for everyone, no matter what you’re into.

To the The Walk event I was channeling a bit of disco diva, and went for a dazzling metallic leopard dress. My favourite accessory however was, and still is of course, the Sofie smartwatch. I didn’t think I was going to be such a nerd about it but seriously, it is so handy and I use it all the time. It gives me everything from traffic notifications, to message alerts to, and most important, a great finish to any look. There’s no styling trick to it really, but if you want  to mix it up a bit, wear it over chunky sleeve to accentuate the watch even more!


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