Air Walk you’ve been real! All I needed was just a second with you to realize that Michael Jackson’s Moon Walk won’t be the blockbuster anymore.
What? Did they defy gravity?
Yeap, Nike with Vapormax, reinvented its cushioning system for the most lightweight rides ever. One step forward for humans if I may but for the rest of the species….kiss my AIRS!

Shoes Nike Vapormax

Sweatshirt Burberry

Denim Vetements


  1. AryaChic
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    Omg these sneakers are awesome. Jelly shoes are def coming back, so these shoes are perfect for this year.

  2. Elaine Turner
  3. Anita
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    Wow these sneakers are so badass! Love that the sneakers become not just comfortable to walk with so so light weight but also fashionable.

    Anita xo

  4. Blissful Style
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    These sneakers are awesome! So futuristic.


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