Dress Anthony Vaccarello(via Tserkov)

Photography Haris Farsarakis

Well current state of mind is also current state of body. VERY rare for me, we are honest on this space, remember? At this moment I’m lying on a bed at Maldives, next to hubby(who seems annoyed by the clicking noise), surrounded by an airy white tulle canopy. The canopy is always stuffed into our bed linen, a practice I guess for our own safety as the island’s ecosystem is massive.  If you don’t already know it, one of my biggest fears is to find a snake below my pillow… Nuts or not I’m still checking below it every single day. Anyway…This Maldivian island is a paradise. A leaving dream. And the resort here is just beyond. I promise will tell all it in a couple of days.

For now…I’m just enjoying it.



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