Ronald Van Der Kemp blouse|
Vetements denim|
Celine bag and shoes
Photography Haris Farsarakis
Creative direction & styling Evangelie Smyrniotaki

I hadn’t realized how much you’ve missing my pen-writing till now. Thank you all so much for the heartfelt emails. The truth is that I always prefer to talk via images, they have so much to tell by their own and I considered my writing poor compared to the strength of a picture however since you’ve been continuously asking for my come back that simultaneously means that I must be doing something good…
So back to back to my….back and my surprise hair-bow. To be honest the shirt, it’s actually one of the best blouses I’ve even worn, helped by itself for the depicted most fresh hair-do as it’s neck ties begin back in the middle of the collar instead of the front per usual.  I tied both of the ties in a generous bow as they are super long and…voila! Isn’t it cool? Plus no strings attached around neck, well  you know what it means right? Free movements and endless hair flips. And If you are really my girls…you like this.


  1. el armario de la nena
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    beautiful shirt!

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