Rockstud Untitled double-breasted Trench coat

  Rockstud Untitled Clutch

  Rockstud Untitled Sneaker

Photography Haris Farsarakis

Creative direction & styling Evangelie Smyrniotaki

For boys and for girls, actually for everyone who appreciates the contemporary beauty, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli did it again (without oops) created the perfect, imperfection, the project name Untitled. Inspired by the Japanese technique of the kintsugi, that consists in repairing broken ceramic objects with gold powder Maria Grazia and Pierpaolo developed a capsule collection of twelve essentials of our wardrobe, from the beige trench to the jeans and the white sneakers only this time the binding component are the studs. Yes you’ve heard it well, instead of the familiar to all of us stitching, a part of each item has been detached and adjusted using golden studs.

When the time came to brainstorm about the concept of this editorial, I’ve been so moved by the deep meaning of this collection and I’ve been continuously keep telling to myself that I had to find an element that connects everything. My story with Rockstud Untitled’s story, a living thread…. Water. That was it. Yes water is inherently a substance that connects everything to everything else and it was just in front of my eyes when in Paris. The clumsy me during the last fashion week I almost drowned myself in this fountain after I stepped on my floor-length dress. Kidding-not, the danger belongs to the past, the future is bright and alongside with Valentino, even brighter.



  1. Anthippe Lemou

    So cool!

  2. Monika

    Such a gorgeous coat!

  3. francesca
  4. Claudia

    Love the studded trench and clutch and the sneakers are really cool too!

  5. Natali

    Looking majestic!!! Your trench is so unique!


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