Sweater Vetements|
Pants Céline (via Luisa World)|
Sneakers Eytys|
Photography Haris Farsarakis|

I had this discussion with my husband this evening of how much I enjoy silence. In our case I don’t… I don’t enjoy being silent for such a long time and most importantly I don’t enjoy my blog being down for the past 9 days. Up and down, up and down. Please accept my sincere apologies for this. We are working hard to find a solution for this problem and trust me we will do. Why this happens? You will the first to know when I will be 100% sure about it.

In any case life is a balance, when something bad happens, something better will come on your way to bring back harmony. And the best is yet to come.


  1. Malu
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    You absolutely KILLED this look! I have been such a huge fan of pinstripes, as a matter of fact, my latest look on my blog has to do with them. What a coincidence! I love that ribbed sweater with the addition of gloves. Plus the casual look of your sneakers make for a very chic look. Love!

  2. caroline parnot
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    This is a serious case of ‘I could never pull that off but you look amazing !’

    Hope to see you soon again here !

  3. Monika
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    You are back! And your outfit is amazing!

  4. francesca
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    beautiful photos!


  5. Liesa
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