Vetements denim(also here and here)/Bimba Y Lola knit/ Jimmy Choo Lucy pumps Photos: Haris Farsarakis

Edit: Evangelie Smyrniotaki


Did you know that Toblerone mountain actually exists? Before you rush to the conclusion that I might want to judge your knowledge skills, I will step forward to admit that I, personally, didn’t know it at all! Yeah I always sucked on Geography yet I loved any kind of chocolate, I still do (and to be completely real-time-sync with you, at the moment I’m actually chewing one piece of gianduja) so when I faced the depicted universal temple of cravings and absolute beauty last week in Zermatt, Switzerland, was one of these days, that made me believe that if the Toblerone mountain is real then somewhere somehow Willy Wonka is still waiting for me, to test my self-control next to his hot chocolate river. Enough with my non-stop cravings and let’s go back to Zermatt, this beautiful village right in the heart of the Swiss Alps where I’ve had the honor to participate alongside with another 7 bloggers in a dreamy photo shoot for Jimmy Choo’s newest collection, the Moonlight. The above stills are from day one, when I wore this lethal perfection for the uber photographer Candice Lake, whom I’m a big big fan, dressed in a pale yellowish silk robe, lying on a bed. What? You can’t wait to see the results? Me too!


  1. Jenny @seasonsincolour
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    Loved it all – Jenny @seasonsincolour

  2. izabel m
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    Hmm. So far I considered myself as an excellent expert on geography. Now I have to rethink that… Anyway, beautiful location and really amazing photoshoot. You and Haris did awesome job again!

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