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Gucci slingbacks/Isabel Marant pants/Valentino bag.
Ph Haris Farsarakis

FOHH:Fear Of High Heels

One post that could be no other than celebrating the end of the fashion week in flats and denim. Yes the New York Fashion Week is officially over, bitter-sweet end, if you will. My exhausted part pops-up champagnes yet my fashion instincts are kinda of depressed.┬áNew York this time has been a wonderful experience for me as I’ve had the honor to be the ambassador of L’Officiel Italia for the whole week. All beautiful things come to end…or not? Stay tuned.


  1. Catherine X
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    This outfit is amazing. The pieces are basic, but have such a unique twist! And those slingback heels are gorgeous…


  2. NormanDI
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