Kickstarting a month full of shows with the most spectacular, brilliant one, that history has written yet.
Yes I’m well aware of the aforementioned words because in all honesty guys, it will be quite hard for anyone to overcome Mirabilia Romae‘s epic proportions.
On a personal level, since 2011 that I’ve started blogging, there are times (a lot) that it really feels like living in a dream but cross my heart, nothing and I mean NOTHING had prepared me ever for this, the goosebumps, the emotion and the thrill of watching Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli’s Haute Couture astonishing creations marching at Piazza Mignanelli.
So wanna take a ride with me? Get in our golf cart. Yes, this was the exact vehicle that took us around to the ten different Mirabilia Romae’s spots, where Valentino’s creations were placed in these “secret” yet magical locations right in the heart of the city’s historical part. The thing about the past is that we often don’t realize how much affects our future until it’s zoomed in front of us. And that’s exactly what Maria Grazia and Pierpaolo wanted to show with Valentino‘s pieces displayed in the parts of Rome that inspired their existence. It was incredible going through them all, a trip to the past that everything made much more sense. And my personal favourite…the depicted Casanatense Library with the astonishing Cyclopean globes and an army of line-up dolls in the middle of the room , a treasure-trove of embroidered ensembles triumphantly standing in the palatial silence.

After the historic delight I had to return fast to my hotel and get ready for the show. My dress, the most beautiful dress I’ve ever worn was already in the room, hung in its bag. I unzipped slowly the bag spending a couple of minutes just staring at it. It was so delicate but simultaneously much heavy by its own craftmanship. Thousand of perfectly placed stones, embellished all-over it to tell its story, “a summer night under the Roman trees”, maybe?
As for the show itself, allow me to say, that Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli’s touch gave a life force to the Spanish Steps. A stitch in time.The collection was remarkable, balancing gracefully between past, present and future. A tribute to Rome’s legacy and a not-so-silent message for all of us:

I feel so much gratitude for experiencing Mirabilia Romae and I will never, ever forget that I’ve watched Emperor return to his very own Rome.


  1. Adele
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    This must have been one of those jaw dropping shows, not only the gorgeous collection, but also the back drops to it all. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of the beauty.
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  2. Louise
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    Damn Valentino!!! These are epicly stunning!!! <3

  3. caroline
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    You were so incredibly lucky to witness such an incredible moment ! Love the pictures, and your dress is out of this world !!


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