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Lemaire shirt/Lemaire pants/Mansur Gavriel backpack/Christopher Kane flats. All via Curve boutique.
*The greatest of all if I may.

It’s almost an urban legend the changing of weather conditions every single time I shoot with Jeff in NY. Either it’s snowing or raining but in the most severe way, that means storms or even a hell of a blizzard situation. After so many times we, both, have finally accepted that someone curses us. An evil witch in disguise! ….However, we try, against all odds to make the most fun of it.

Bip bip bip…Evangelie is shooting, NY is going on lockdown…#severeweatherwarning
So here I am, braving a NY monsoon in order to demonstrate to the universe that If an outfit is great, even when it’s completely soaked, it still look absolutely awesome.
The thing that I’ve realised lately, is that it doesn’t necessarily mean that only a good design makes a great staple. The material must be also greater. There are poplins and poplins, denim and denim, wool and wool out there. Lemaire has succeeded to marry both of the aforementioned ingredients to make the essentials-recipe, 3 star Michelin worthy. Honestly It’s only until you wear his shirts to understand that they are really something else. The softest touch of their cotton feels like the most precious silk. Nope, I am not drunk, it’s just that my first encounter with the Essentials’ king was simply unforgettable. You have to see and most importantly try all of his simple-lined pieces and you’ll also conclude that investing on awesome staples is the most genius gift you can offer to yourselves.

ps: This is not an advertorial post!

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  1. Caroline
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    Haha I see what you mean 🙂 But you look gorgeous nonetheless, I adore your simple yet always chic style !

  2. Noma
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    Awesome look, I love those shoes.

  3. Adele
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    What a gorgeous shirt, love the deep shade of navy.
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  4. dasha
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    super simple, but has sophistication. Great job!


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