Shirt and skirt Saint Laurent/Boots Celine/Sunglasses Ray-Ban.

Ph Timur Emek.

In collaboration with Luisa World.

None of the designers stirs our nostalgia for the past like Hedi. Into the seventies glam mood, his girls marched though a genius holographic rotating installation (which created myriad spots of rainbow light spinning around the black curtained walls) under  Aleide’s 1,2,3 uplifting beats. This was a show, drug for the tired souls. A show that left us with a cheeky smile and an unfulfilled wish: We wanted more! Yes, even first row’s stiffest legs were synchronically moving with the rhythm. We all had a good time.The collection itself has been, per me, the sexiest ever the Historic house has presented. Breathtaking don’t-you-even-try-to-tie-alone-your-laces minis, cropped jackets, barely there shorts all modeled on his feminine army’s lean long stocking legs and their XL glittering seventies heeled sandals. A collection that left me wondering:

Will the scientists notice the sudden increase in the female population’s height? Because his sky-high heels will definitely sell out.

But where was Hedi ?

You can see photos and videos from the Saint Laurent SS15 collection on my instagram account.


  1. Diana
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    Really strong look, love the boots! I have an obsession with Celine, hope you can checkout my blog! x

  2. Diane
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    Gorgeous! I love your skirt and this all black look!

    xx, Diane ||

  3. Caroline
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    One word : chic ! Another woman could not have pulled off that look the way you did 🙂 you are gorgeous and have inner class !

    The look is perfect from head to toe !

  4. Kristie
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    Love this outfit! Very chic!

  5. Fashion Snag
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  6. Dominique
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  7. Viktoria
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