12345Stela McCartney top and shorts(both in 38 size)/Valentino necklace/Linda Farrow sunglasses/Acne shoes/Balenciaga Le Dix clutch

Ph Jordan Makarof

Here’s a quick lesson on how to greet in Norway: Hei x 2, which apparently sounds like hei hei :). Greet them with a smile yet rarely with a kiss. Cheek kiss is quite uncommon, a lesson learned by me, the sassy Greek, after I’ve experienced the total horror in their eyes when I’ve dragged them for a kissieeeeeee. What can I say, on my next visit you should send me a manuscript before I embarrass myself on “I wanna hug him and squeeze him and call him George” situation. It’s not my fault…it’s my genes!

I’m just joking guys, I think that the Norwegians actually enjoyed the new weirdo in town….me.

-So tell us girl, what brought you to Oslo eventually?

Beat the drums……pop up the champaigns….here comes the revelation:

I am working on my first ready-to-wear capsule collection. I am collaborating with the super succesful Scandinavian jewelry brand Tom Wood for the totally designed by me 2014-15 winter collection. Till now it’s an absolutely exciting, most of the times emotional process, such stuff as dreams are made of.

And the name… Heroine by Tom Wood.

Stay tuned…(cliche)






  1. thefashiongals

    Amazing white outfit!… Love every single piece of it!..

  2. ChamaFashion

    Love it!

  3. izabel m

    HUUUGE congratulations Evangelie! I can’t wait to see the collection 🙂
    And also HUGE thank you for greetings instruction. You are definitely weirdo, at least for Norwegians, so just imagine the polish total freak who traditionally greets with… three kisses! Ooone, twooo, threee.. and Norwegian flees in panic. Yeah, I will probably practicing before I go into those areas.

    P.S. You look fabulous in this super simple summer outfit.

  4. Redhead Illusion

    Cool and elegant! Can’t wait to see your jewelry collection!

  5. Roula

    Agapimeni …wow bravo!!!!Cant wait to check it out though i know for sure my problem…i will LOVE it!!!!!!filia apo Toronto

  6. Krizia

    You look great in all white.

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  7. Mancina

    fantastic minimalistic look. like it alot!

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