styleheroine styleheroinestyleheroinestyleheroineBooties Saint Laurent, true to size/ leather pants Acne, size 34/ Uniqlo sweater/ Saint Laurent jacket(and here, size 40, small to size), Celine bag and Celine scarf (available at LuisaWorld)/

Ph Jordan Makarof

Editing by me

Trend, trend, trend…

Oh stop it necessary to fry ours ears with that annoying alarm?

-Of course it is. You’ll witness it massively next season and then you’ll complain that I haven’t informed you.

So here I am, with my scarf wrapped highest than ever strutting up a down like a peacock, demonstrating my favorite upcoming trend.  Straight from the runways the thick scarves will do wrap around a major part of our upper body, making things a bit sexier per me…undercovered sexy… Who’s there?? Let me see….


  1. nycmum
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    sigh…what i wouldn’t do to trade closets for a day (week? month? forever?!) with you!
    the scarf is ahh-mazing! and no one can style it better then you…so pretty as always!

    question about the saint laurent booties–not sure how much you’ve worn them so far, but are they comfortable and do you find them stretching at all? after putting in a few calls to my favorite nyc shops the past month, i finally got a call from one that they found a pair in my size..well, sort of–they’re a 40, i’m usually a 40.5…they reasonably fit albeit a tad snug in the toe box. wondering if i should suck it up and keep them in the hopes they’ll stretch or pass em up and fingers crossed a larger size comes my way?

    thanks! and sorry for chewing off your ear 🙂

    • nycmum
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      erm..i’m an idiot! after writing that long-winded plea, i clicked on your link above…matches has my size!

      sorry…disregard above…i’m ordering 40.5 and feeling like a fool for not clicking your link in the first place!!
      xx 🙂

      • Evangelie
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        you are hilarious my darling❤️ you are definitely gonna love them and they are so damn comfy.

  2. Thefashionguitar
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    That last photo is so beautiful babe… AND you have the scarf!! Wooohooo


    • Evangelie
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      ahahahha❤️❤️❤️I am dreaming NY with you❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Giovanna
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    Such a great look! Love love love that scarf!


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