styleheroine styleheroinestyleheroinestyleheroinestyleheroinestyleheroinestyleheroinestyleheroineTop(size small), skirt (size 36), bag, shoes(they are the brogues with the gold plates, un-plated :)), find them at LuisaWorld/ Tom Wood pinkie.

ph Jordan Makarof

Editing by me

Geia sou tsolia mou. (A Greek quote meaning, hello my tsolia :))

You get the resemblance, no? Inspired or not by the Greek inheritance, Phoebe is undeniably the master of pleats. Pleats that act like an autonomous organic creature, ready to fly with every corner you turn.

May I join them, please….




  1. thefashionguitar
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    Love even more…

  2. Marijana
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    U r the only one for me worth looking at of all bloggers i checked out! Inspiring.

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