styleheroinestyleheroinestyleheroinestyleheroineBurberry Prorsum shirt, size 40/Miu Miu skirt, size 38(blue, red, the yellow at LuisaWorld)/ Jimmy Choo Waffle loafers, true to size /Jimmy Choo sunglasses.

Ph Jordan Makarof

Editing by me.

It’s almost Saturday and my week with Jimmy Choo slooooowly comes to an end. As a matter of fact we have one more to go. And this time I won’t be alone. I’ll be accompanied by someone hairier than me. Yeap you heard well, before technology had been hit Athens and the dearest laser torched my mammal fur, I was the distant cousin of Slash. Now everything goes smoother, I have moved out to the Bald Mountain and I have happily embraced the naked side of life. Oh, how intimate is too intimate?

You can see my entire editorial for Jimmy Choo Stylemakers herest.


  1. 33
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    Did you get to choose which pair of shoes you want to showcase? If so, I love your pick on this one pair in particular. I am a sucker for loafers. This pair is just about being perfect. And your mile-long legs are perfect to showcase the loafers. 🙂

    • Evangelie
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      Aww thank you Serena. Yes i have chosen everything by myself. And these ones are sooo comfy:))

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