styleheroine styleheroinestyleheroinestyleheroinestyleheroinestyleheroinestyleheroinestyleheroineBurberry Prosum shirt, size 38(red, blue and for the Greek pals at LuisaWorld)/Acne leather pants, size 34/Jimmy Choo Tarida pumps, size up/ Jimmy Choo sunglasses.

Ph Jordan Makarof

Editing by me

On my own, not so spotless mind, dots mean summer. Don’t hesitate and please try it at home, do it my way, place some dirty red circles near your heart and you’ll figure it out…summer has already started!!!

You can see my entire editorial for Jimmy Choo here.


  1. Ped
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    I love your style.

  2. Jo
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    Loving this blouse

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

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