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Jacket Etoile Isabel Marant(also here)(size 38)/Leather leggings Alice & Olivia(size 2)/Sneakers Saint Laurent(fit large)/Rings Apriati
Ph Jordan Makarof

Isn’t it the most outrageous quote on planet earth(look at the tittle)? But you have to admit it guys, we all just love saying that.

So my little Drama Queens, to your own surprise, this time indeed it’s not what it looks like. In the background are not the frozen peaks of the Swiss Alps.

-Okay, you are Greek no? You must be at…Arahova?!

It’s NOT snow! Avalanche risk level is below zero!

-Not ? And what on earth is that not-snow-white thing on your back?

Hmmmm…can’t tell… Jordan will kill me if I do reveal his secret locations and I haven’t left a legacy yet. 🙂

Anyway..I don’t know if  you have really noticed  but from now and on there will be some additional information associated with my ensembles. Sizing that is.  I find it amazingly helpful to know the depicted outfit’s size when shopping online and I’ve been thinking(loudly):  if this is the way that I, a caring individual, could contribute to humanity, so be it!




  1. ChamaFashion
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    Amazing photos!

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    is it SALT? would you than be Angelina Jolie? whatever it is: jordan knows how
    to find BREATHTAKING locations for breathtakingly beautiful Evangelies!

    heartbeats from VIENNA WEDEKIND

    • Evangelie
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      My darling❤️❤️❤️❤️You are the sweetest! You make me blush :)I wish you all the best for the new year. Love you.
      ps it is not salt 😉

  3. B.
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    This coat is perfect! I adore the pattern.

    Breathe Me

  4. Floor |
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    Super mooie foto’s! En fijn dat je de maten er vanaf nu bij zet. Zit altijd met precies hetzelfde probleem bij online shoppen. Fijne jaarwisseling alvast!

  5. Lisa
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    great pictures!

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