Jacket Acne(and in pink)/ Jumpsuit Celine/ bag Pierre Hardy/ sneakers Adidas/Chain Chanel
ph Jordan Makarof

Most of you may have noticed my not-so-recent gravitation towards to the completely heelless situations. No nowadays miracles do not really happen and people unfortunately you don’t get taller after the tender age of 17 I guess..That’s not the reason. It’s just this crazy idea stuck in my head, currently unwilling to emigrate to another planet. Outfits do look better with flats! How on earth did it come to this?
-Hey maybe you’re slightly cuckoo….
Well perhaps it’s the spotlessness, the I-can-kick-your-ass easily factor, when a humble flat adds to the whole that I really like. Yeah, I can kick your ass and then run…
-Catch me if you can


  1. Lietta
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    Love it!

  2. Lisa
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    really cool outfit

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