Cassandre bag by Saint Laurent. Find it here, here, here and here(because I’ve been all over the world looking for it).
Ph Jordan Makarof.

I wake up and wonder that my eyes must be wrongfully placed on my body…they should be near my heart…

-How your poor brain can properly function when you always see(and eventually judge) with your heart missi?…my subconsious thrives…Your brain is your less-used part of your body and it’s a shame….Shame on you!

However to be completely honest with you I’m totally impressed by the people on the Cybertron planet. I mean take for example a friend of mine. During our recent conversation she has admitted to me that she always chooses her boyfriends according to her imaginary check list.

-What the hell? She’s must be the next president of the United States.

Oh yes…tall check, handsome check, great a*** eyes check, humor check, good job check, awesome house check. What if a box get unchecked…I should have asked. But I’ve sincerely questioned her the following.: What if someone comes on her way and all her body cells get crazy about him though he doesn’t full fill even a bit, tiny square? What if their chemistry is so unreasonably devastating to keep her away? Well her answer was as simple as her check list:

-These things they really don’t matter.


So in a poor attempt to see my compatibility with her theory I’ve cross-checked my depicted newest obsession, my camel hued tyrned-the-world-upside-down-to find Cassandre, with the ideal, according me of course, features of the perfect bag. And here it goes.

Black color, unchecked.

No hardware logo, unchecked.

Calf leather, unchecked.

Silver chain, unchecked.

Then why in the world I’m that crazily in love with it?




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  1. Yes, yes, yes to (Y)SL. This purse is adorable, so chic in colors. The black seems so dull compared to this robust color. Love. Might need to see when I’m in a Saint Laurent store again. xx awoo!

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