Yes they are!

celine brogues

 Celine brogues(similar here)/Celine bracelet(similar here), LeivanKash feather pinkie ring.

Ph: Jordan Makarof

Probably many wondered yet only Roula had asked:

– Can you adjust those “stuff” on a different pair of shoes?

YES my dear these metal plates are adjustable and they can brander* from the depicted flats to the aforementioned wedges and the other way around in no time. Well the  “no time” thing in this case is practically a joke because it literally took me all of 10 minutes(per foot) to guess which one goes where. They have left and right and if for some reason you confuse them you’ll end up looking like a disoriented(and surely lethal for the one by your side) butterfly. When they’re not cruising to their other sole mates they originally belong to the above beauties.


*hybrid: brogue-wonder

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  1. saw 1972 The Getaway past weekend. Guess what, YOU look like a 21st century Ali MacGraw from certain angles. I used to think that you resemble Victoria Beckham but now would say that you have more of Ali’s quality.

    btw, your style has really advaced since I first bookmarked your blog less than a year ago.

    • Wow Ali? I’m so flattered. Thank you.
      Everything changes my dear. Even my personality. Am I better person? I do not know.. I’m definitely stronger than before and for god’s sake much less emotional. So if my style changes I guess it’s resulting of all the aforementioned. I’m glad you think it’s evolving though.
      I love your comments…

      • it’s hard to pretend in front of the camera. the lens shows a lot of things, outside and inside. yes i do notice the confidence and boldness from inside. the outside is a more refined styling and individualism that defines YOUR style, not a copycat. IMO fashion blogging is a crowded field. Everyone can put up daily outfit posts. What makes yours different is that you have a unique vision and are evolving. BTW, your current photographer really showcases your style and personality beautifully. I hope he’s benefitting from being in partnership with you.


  2. Amazing as usual! Cool shoes!!

    One question, I’ve noticed your wedding band for a long time……could you tell me where did you get it?

  3. Hello, am really interested in these shoes, but unfortunately for me they don’t have it any more on their website. If any one here no where I can get it from, kindly send me the link. Thanks.

  4. So, I have a question! The brogues and the wedges didn’t come with their own metal plates for each shoe?

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