Ph: Jordan Makarof

Rings Tom Wood
Shoes, pants, shirt, bag Celine(available at LuisaWorld)
*shoes….dirty, dirty minds…

Of course I’m having a high-heel crisis! It all started about a month ago. No arch pain, nor damn callus. My feet are completely safe & sound, thank you. Just like that, I woke up in a morning and puff….all my heels seemed hmmm….pointless?…unattractive?… misserable?…You got it, no? Meanwhile during a recent phone conversation with God I dared to ask: Can I please, please grow 10cm* taller? Can you do that for me? Gimme a “Karlie Kloss” and I promise, promise I’ll be a good girl! In fact…the best! I’ll never wear naughty heels again! Well…. he has just hung it up..Still haven’t heard of him.  Am I asking too much?

But no worries. If I’m going heel-less…I’ll do it well. I’ll man it up! I guess the date of reconciliation with the ballet flats hasn’t come yet.

*cause I know you’ll ask me, I’m 1.72 🙂





  1. Yasmine Yusuf
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    Wow, stunning outfit, TRES CHIC! Lovin’ the flats!
    P.S: If you wanna talk about short, I’m 1.56 or something like that, haha!

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