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  Robe/Dries Van Noten   pants/Dries Van Noten   shirt/Dries Van Noten(with plaids here)   pumps/Dior(similar here)   bag/Chanel bracelets/COOEE

Photos by Charlie Makkos.
Hello world! It’s “Clean Monday” in Greece and by the time you read this post I’ll be already fat! No, no,no… “clean” unfortunately is not the day that the population is  mass detoxing via ala Paltrow juicing. No, no,no.  Huge name conflict.  It’s the date of upgrading to rounder figures through the insane consumption of lagana(bread) and halva(sweet confection). By the way if you ever hear someone call you “halva”….it’s not good!

On an unrelated note I  honestly believe I was Asian in my past life. No joke. Gimme me a kimono, a dozen of shrimp and pork dumplings, a one way ticket to wherever on the east side and I’m the happiest girl in the word. The triplet of joy. And speaking of kimonos behold the goosebumps producing machine I’ve mentioned in a previous post. The one I briefly held in my arms in Dries’ Paris-store, cried a river and drowned the whole world when I was told that was the last piece and already sold and flew to the moon at the hearing of it could be ordered from Belgium and delivered to my hotel-room within two days. Universal commerce if you will but my mind was completely unaware of this new reality. A credit card ready to get assassinated and all at your doorstep. Eeeeeee-haaaaa!


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  1. As I’m writing this my fingers are halva staining the keyboard and my belly is carb digesting the enormous Lagana (Laguna according to autocorrect) quantity. Nevertheless, all this food related trauma doesn’t hinder my eyes from marveling your beauty and this otherworldly dries kimono.


  2. this kimono is the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen! Goes perfectly with your amazing hair and (hair) colour!
    PS: I was also Asian in a previous life ;)

  3. This collection has been ingrained in my mind since the second I saw it, and you’re wearing it all so amazingly well! Such an incredibly beautiful outfit babe!


  4. Wow super rad outfit. Amazing combo. Esp love the kimono. Thanks goodness I´m over my halva obsession but I still dream of the loukoumi with walnuts I once got at the greek shop. I can´t get it anywhere anymore :-)



  5. just incredible – your ability to completely think out the box and deliver these uniquely beautiful combinations is why I always click to your posts first when I’m catching up on blogs


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