Sunglasses/Sheriff & Cherry     tee/Helmut Lang    jacket/Dries Van Noten     denim/Current Elliott    booties/Saint Laurent     bag/Chanel
Photo by Charlie Makkos.

Canned: Prerecorded and therefore considered to be lacking in freshness.

Cause it’s always been the same old scene: My eagle eyes spot the amazingness in store, I’m so love striken, my absurd mega-me insists that I need it to my life, my rational mini-me to give it a second thought, David beats Goliath, I return home, I can’t get it out of my mind, inevitably I lose my sleep, the very next morning I rush to buy it, excitedly I welcome it home, I sleep with it, literally, by my side…I swear,  the wear-to death marathon officially begins and after three weeks into this, I’m bored outta my mind. This is it. Kaput. Divorce. Why don’t you believe me? I’m telling you it’s a birth defect. It happens all the time. Over and over. Take for example the depicted Sheriff & Cherry yellowish sunglasses. I saw them at Colette and I immediately spoke the “want you” words, resigning them to their fate. It’s been over a week now and I still haven’t put them off. From day to-night, yes the extra light-colored lenses permit this extravaganza. But I’m afraid that when the honeymoon phase is over, I hate to say it, the  Kardashian-Humphries saga will set a court date…..



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  1. Ok,

    I hate leaving a negative comment but I will this time because i know you possess the necessary self confidence to read my comment and not get hurt by it. First I gotta say, I love love your style. But this outfit is a no no for me. I don’t think this is you. Not feminine or different and cool enough to substitute for the lack of feminism…

    I love the jacket by itself but jeans are no no to me. And those sunglasses I think are too small on your face…


  2. i know the feeling of thinking to buy something.
    u cant make the final decision.
    and when you do puf suddenly the desire faids.
    this mastermind desire!
    anyway great looks one more time girl!
    its always an ispiration to see your posts

    Bisous from STYLE FEST

  3. Can you please send me your DVN jacket when after 3 weeks of having continuously been wearing it you are bored with it??? Just proposing…

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