Nothing yet absolutely everything/Details

  Booties/Saint Laurent(you can also find them here and here)

Photo by Charlie Makkos

Nothing yet absolutely everything. The four words that constitute the pure essence of amazingness. In fashion. Because in relationships “nothing” sucks. Banned. Gimme the absolute zero and you’ll get the boot, not the depicted one, hold your horses. I’ll show you the door, got it? Back on track, supposedly you’re in a store and instead of the above bicolor concrete floor are chunky wooden shelves. What would you think about these booties? Too simple or at very least nothing special (in a closer look, you’d definitely see them as endangered species and savingly grab them, there’s no doubt about that, you’re flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood). And then you try them on and realize that whatever is going on with them is freakin’ awesome. Nothing becomes everything. That much-needed geniously crafted simplicity elongates your legs, sexify your ankles, and you suddenly visualize them fantastically matching with every single outfit in the world. Bonus points the absolutely walkable 8.5cm(I’ve just measured them, net-a-porter you’re wrong :)) heel. Invest!

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  1. Those shoes are absolutely amazing! Shoe question ;) : your Céline black loafers, do they run small or big or normal ? I found one pair that is a size 37,5 and I am a 38 so not sure if they would fit.
    Jenna xx

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