Wedges/Stella McCartney(and here)
Photo by me
What you’re seeing here is the end of the madness. I was born and raised in the age of panic during which “matching” was the bible and “don’ts” the commandments. Don’t wear leather in the summer, you’re not allowed to sport chessboards for shirts(see Vuitton), the horizontal stripes make you fat, don’t mix patterns, green doesn’t ever match with blue, leopard is slutty and please don’t DON’T wear your fluffy slippers in public(see Celine). But a dish best served cold and somehow the aforementioned visual nonsense has been broken down permitting the leopards(among others) to have the sweetest revenge of all….Fasion domination! Long live the queen!

1. Charlotte Olympia 2. Christian Louboutin 3.Nicholas Kirkwood 4. Giavito Rossi 5. Mulberry 6. Kenzo 7. Manolo Blahnik 8. Jimmy Choo 9. Christian Louboutin (also with spikes) 10. Celine


  1. Theresa
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    Stella’s leopard print definitely does stand out to me and I’m totally into all the pieces she has out right now using it. Those wedges are incredible!


  2. catita
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    totally agree about breaking those boring rules but you are so right!!!! love your new Stella babies!

  3. Laura
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    Nice selection ! Love all of them !!
    New post up:

  4. Mira
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    I would take all of them. Can´t believe I hated leo prints in the past. Now I´m totally crazy about it 🙂


  5. Maud Schellekens
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    Love the Celine ones, but way out of my budget unfortunately!

  6. eleni papastergiou
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    LOVE the text that you wrote! the Stella ones are such beauties!
    Συνέχισε τόσο stylish,απ τα καλυτερα ελληνικα blogs 🙂


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