Overalls/Stella McCartney    Shirt/Acne(similar here)   bag/Givenchy(check out this amazing croc)   pumps/Manolo Blahnik

Photos by Charlie Makkos.

There you have it, one of  my longest, I kid-you-not, battles of acceptance. Flared pants-cauliflower is the other. Both permanently banned from the house. Well cauliflower stinks like hell, there’s no need for more explanation but bell bottoms…Seriously ladies… Am I the only woman who still believes in the ultimate conspiracy theory/ flare pants as the lethal mass destruction weapons? I mean haven’t you ever noticed that flared figures, no matter how tall or skinny you are, show off your butt with Australia’s perimeter? Hmmmmmm? If you’re anything like me, raise your hands.

However, while I ponder this dilemma, I won’t deny that there are always these crazily awesome little shits that remind us that there should be no space for the round red “stop” signs in our precious brains(the annoying creatures area is excluded). I’m referring to these Stella McCartney overalls. They’re the living proof that as long as the waste sits high enough to squeeze your ta-tas the flare style works. And flatters already.

Moral of the story: Don’t believe in rumors.


  1. Arne
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    Wil You marry me

  2. theblossomgirls
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    εισαι μια οπτασια! σε ειδα και στο blog της Fashion Reactor! ησουν υπεροχη!

    τα φιλια μου,

    The Blossom Girls♡

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