Sweatshirt/T by Alexander Wang (and here)   sunglasses/Celine   skirt/Roberto Cavalli   bag/Chloe(via LuisaWorld)
Happy Monday lil fellas.

Whoa, there’s a sudden burst of frivolousness in the air, even my sunnies are  harassing my ass, don’t you see that?…ping. So Athens is living the dream of “Alkionides”( the warm sunny days which according to mythology were given by the Gods to the kingfisher during January in order to lay its eggs on the rocks)-bad teacher-and somewhere in between here I am with an unexpected, shameless, desire of girliness(as it happens every single time a couple of sunrays heat my brain). Limited though, because the leopard can’t change its stripes spots, nope, so when Alex left home, I secretly invaded in his closet, stoooooole the depicted sweater…for real (I swear) and disciplined that nasty cuteness of the stripped tutu. Sorry babe, I know you’re still pissed off but hun do you actually know how impossibly difficult it is to find a descent boxy sweater? You don’t care…pfff..


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    • hahaha you are getting some sun as well! We have had the most ridiculous winter over here in mex city (it is like 26 C every day!) – ps I have just did a catching up with your posts and I don’t care that you dont blog every day (I have been muuuuch worse than you!)- they are looking better every day!


  1. Do you ever dress wrong? I would kill for a picture of a bad outfit of you but I guess you would not find anything like that…haha Great as always Ev

  2. You are a genius. These simple clothes look so rad on you. I´m definitely going to copy this outfit but it has to wait cos the gods don´t love the place I live in hahaha


  3. loves it babe! u are kidding me the summer has hit athens already? ok, need to book a trip immediately! miss this and the weather way to much, xx

  4. You look AMAZING!!! This may be my favorite look of yours ever. When you look that good, I’m sure your husband only PRETENDS to be mad when you borrow his sweater.


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