coat/YSL(still availability at LuisaWorld)   leather-leggings/Zara     boots/Alexander Wang   shirt/Acne(similar here)     bag/Celine(still availability at Barneys)    earrings/House of Waris

Photos by Rossina B.

Brrrr…It’s snowing baby…and I really should be outside with the rest of the gang maniacally building snow castles and big fat snowmen but my all-time cold, embarrassingly freezing nose and hands, have permanently banned me from such risqué activities. So here it goes live from the depths of my sofa, breaking the ice, literally, with a couple of espresso shots and in full sweats.

The fact is that snow is not granted for Athens so every time it happens it’s a huge fiesta for every single kid or kid-at-heart. I can remember myself at kindergarten, yes I still can, wondering what magic was behind the mechanism that turned the green fences into whites. Then I knew…it was snow-white!

Anyways, there I am a whole 1.72 meters full in conflicts locked up in the house. Innocent preppy-ish upside, fetish downside. Good girl gone bad in the blink of an eye. The YSL red riding hood’s dream, was bought in an unexpected twist of sales and it’s so lightweight yet warm which makes it the perfect layering piece(even over a leather jacket) for the winter. For the Sofia‘s I don’t have to say that much..Still haunting every staughtish* girl’s dreams. Am I right?;)

**staughtish: hibrid for stylish+naughtish

*****************in the title are simply snowflakes.


  1. chic-aholics
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    Χριστέ μου, είμαστε ερωτευμένες με το στιλ σου!
    Θα θέλαμε τη γνώμη σου για αυτό!
    Πολλά φιλιά,

  2. lovelittlelulu
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    like Goddess!!!Impeccable photos!

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