Lauryn top/Isabel Marant(blue, pink, creme) white tank/Topshop Boutique boyfriend denim/Balmain boots/Isabel Marant turban/Lanvin bracelet/Celine. If you can’t find the shirt in ruby there’s still availability(I think at least) at LuisaWorld.

Photos by Charlie Makkos

Ni hao! I have it all figured out! If I’m continuously repeating Mandarin words by the end of the day the universe’s completely shorted out system will simultaneously teleport me to the top of Jin Mao Tower so I can happily watch the new year’s fireworks burning Shanghai’s cloudy sky.  It’s simple no?

Deprivation syndrome. These are the exact words for my recently acquired insanity. Actually this year might be the first time that me and Alex are staying home since 2003 that we’re together.  It’s no secret that both of us, have a massive affection to Southeast Asia’s distance shores, all the way across from Thailand to Indonesia and then back to Malaysia(I wish I was blogger at that point of time).  However our plans for the night are pretty awesome and our company even more.

Back to blogality*, here I am, frivolous depicted(not so much), in a  ruby whirlwind, and a story that goes like this… Girl mad for Marant’s western shirts. Shirts hit the stores ridiculously overpriced. Girl mad with Marant. Marant doesn’t give a damn. Girl waits for the sales. Sales happen. Girl finds the shirt. Shirt perfectly fits. Girl salutes Marant. Gotcha!




  1. Liliana Garcia
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    I love this!

    Liliana from Um Blog Fashion

  2. Sophie
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    You are so gorgeous!!!!!

    this look is amazing!

    I just discovered your blog and I really loved it!
    I will link it on my blog

    Sophie from

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