Superblogger issue

  Now that’s how it feels to be a star..:)
Joking guys but I have to confess: I’m not only excited.. I’m totally goose bumped being on the cover of January’s Company magazine. I’d honestly have the same feelings even with a tiny pic inside, but featured in the cover..Whoa..The amazing superblogger’s issue just hit the stands and you’ll find inside more images of me and the fellow bloggers, among them my darling Charlotte, plus our funny interviews.

A special thanks and a big kiss to all  guys in the Company who contributed for this outcome.

That’s truly the best Christmas present..:)

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  1. You ARE a superstar blogger, dear Evangelie. You are super gorgeous and your blog is one of the best on the internet due to your refined style and beautiful face, so I am not surprised at all. Congrats!

    BTW, that magazine looks really cool, I will check it from now on x

    Fashion Landscape

  2. You should be goose bumped, haha! Not only is it cool to be in a magazine, the images themselves are cool too. Must have been fun to shoot these! ;)

    x Marjolein

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