Facing snakes/Details-Preview

  ring/Ileana Makri bag/Valentino Rockstud(brown, black, pink, red ) via LuisaWorld.

The thing about instagram is that for some reason we assume that every single person in this world has access to it. That’s wrong. Completely. Take for example my mom. The fact that at her age she evolved into a computer geek to just follow her daughter’s chaotic sartorial adventures, doesn’t  mean that she simultaneously was initiated into the social networks. And probably doesn’t needed to.

So for my mommy and the rest who don’t have the habit of maniacally picturing their lives, like the crazy lady who’s blogging at five in the morning (me), in instagram, above are my ferocious nature loving accessories posted there yesterday. Such beauties, no?

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  1. The bag is cool and so is the snake ring. Greetings to your mom. Be happy she can use a computer. My dad can´t even use his cell phone and I tried to teach him that at least a hundred times <3


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