Night owl

 Leather leggings/Zara(similar here), shirt/Etoile Isabel Marant, fur/DVF(similar here), bag/Lanvin, booties/Anine Bing, bracelet/Celine. Photos by Mara K.

Looking at the tittle you might assume that I’ve had a “national geographic” close encounter with endangered species and that’s…wrong! It’s simply my nickname. My inventive daddy gave it to me during my early high-school years, in a desperate attempt to convince me to go early in bed. Dear daddy that bird stuck with me forever and I’m still permanently jet lagged.

Honestly,  I AM a night owl. For sure. My activity level insanely peeks around midnight, leaving me inevitably zombie-ish in the mornings.  And yet I somehow manage to live in this time zone.

Somewhere in the world a zoo is mourning the loss of the rare greater black owl. Ready to fly? No?

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  1. Funny, my brother used to call me a vampire when I was in high school. I’d always be up all night, and then sleep during the day. Glad I’m not the only one! Love the outfit, as always. Do you ever do anything wrong? ;)

  2. Yes your cota dvf… Wonderful!!!
    And if one day you sold your isabel marant fur i Will be interested… Haha

  3. Hi!
    Love this look but the similar fur link is taking me to the leggings, can you please repost below for me! X

  4. I’m totally a night owl too! It makes life interesting with two little kids who wake up veeeerrrrrryy early, but I just can’t change my body’s clock. I’m glad to hear I’m not alone.

    And, as always, you look gorgeous!!

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