Split ends

 Alexander Wang front slit skirt(also here and here) in size 0(size down…a lot), Acne shirt, Alexander Wang Sofia boots(and here), Topshop Boutique coat(similar here), Chanel Boy bag, Helmut Lang beanie, Celine bracelet.

Happy Friday universe. Now that I’m spreading love in the air will you smile back at me? Just a tiny teeth display…

Anyways, my limbs still have a rare allergic reaction to whatever tries to resemble them to giant wrapped burritos so I’m still brainless barelegged in the middle of November. Only this time the intergalactical Sofias do that armour thing, repelling any hostile cold simultaneously peek-a-booing naughtily from this season’s (according to my master mind) craziest skirt.  Alexander Wang is my man, one word, GENIUS. I love the center part of it. The slit is so balanced in perfection. Arghhhh…the man is the lost brother that I’ve always wished for,  can you even imagine…unlimited access to his collections? Seriously if he really has a sister…well that’s annoying.

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  1. The question is, what is NOT amazing about this look? I cannot even begin, but perhaps I can with that sexy split skirt in combination with those boots, freaking amazing! And let’s not even mention that coat. You look so cool and rock this outfit! x

    Fashion Landscape

  2. Evangelie,

    I really love your style, it is amazing! The skirt looks terrific with your black thigh heel stiletto boots. I saw a few other of your postings you have made with the boots – they are so stylish and fashionable! – you have really great taste. What size of the boots do you wear? Do those run try to size? Love to see more of the boots with some of your other skirts/dresses. Have you tried to see how they look of a pair of skinny jeans yet?! Would love to see them as I love that style for a casual look on the weekend for going out. Keep it up! New Fan!

    BTW, I think this look/outfit from Miranda Kerr with a nice sweater type dress and your dress black thigh boots would look perfect like this! What do you think? I love this look!

    • Hi Carla,
      thank you so much for your kind words.
      I generally wear 41 size and these boots run true to size. They’re also extremely confy for their high heel.
      I intend to wear them A LOT so stay tuned.

      • Hi Evangelie,

        Ever since you posted pictures of these Alexander Wang Sofia black leather over the knee boots, I knew I had to have them. Looks like they sold really heavy on Shopbop and NetaPorter. They are a very classic over the knee boots. You inspired me to get a pair this weekend. I typically wear a size 39 Euro, but saw that Neiman Marcus recommended that you buy a 1/2 size up, so I went with the 39 1/2 Euro sizing.

        Do you feel that these boots, given they are so classic looking will always stay trendy even if OTK boots trends weaken some?

        Now that they are on the way and hopefully will arrive soon, I need to get some ideas from you that fit my style in which I feel comfortable with and where I can wear them out to. I typically am more classic, conservative in my styling as I am in my early 30s. For me, I feel that a tweed/wool knee length or calf length skirt could look nice or dress with these, what are your thoughts? Do you have some ideas that you could post for me? Though I do like wearing over the knee boots over skinny jeans for a casual look or evening out, not sure if these type of boots are the best for such a look, I could be wrong.

        I was checking back this weekend to see if you had any new updates with new looks with the boots. Given I have a few questions into you now as to how I could style them for the dinner out, something formal, etc, you may have other inspiration that can work for me. Can they work for an office environment? Given that you have such expertise with all of this, I know whatever you share will be fashionable.

        Thank you and hope you had a terrific weekend,

        P.S. BTW, did anyone else who is reading this post buy these Alexander Wang Sofia boots also based on Evangelie’s recommendation?

        • Hi Carla,
          I really feel that these boots are statement pieces that you’d circulate them over and over the following years. I also think that they would look good with practically everything. With denim, leather pants, skirts(mini and midi). The other day I’ve even worn them with a parka and harem pants.But I’d never wear them in my office. Even if you manage to balance them with a conservative outfit they will be still sexy.
          I’m positive that there’ll be a lot more outfits to come withnthe Sofias.
          So stay tuned.

  3. OMG, this outfit is just perfect. I love the combo of high boots with a split skirt, I also had an outfit like that in my mind, so thanks for the inspi!




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  4. Omg sexy black leather combo. Yeah I wish Mr. Wang were my brother too. Now I must have a fabulous skirt (cheap version) like that too. What you consider a smile others call that poker face hahaa but I love that expression on your face :-)


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