Maison Martin Margiela/tuxedo (also check out this)  LNA/t-shirt, Balmain/denim Alaia/sandals Celine/bag Zara Men/hat Celine/bracelet House of Waris/skull earings

In a theoretical conversation with myself, asking the critical question what’s the epitome of chicness, well my answer would be this and only this: a super simple tuxedo jacket. Well…I need some company here…are you going to join this dialogue before it becomes too wacky or what?:)

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  1. I agree but would add that if I were asked the question I would say it’s the shoe. Any look, man centric jeans, baggy jumpers, torn tees, anything – add the right shoe and it is chic for me.
    Love your wacky musings and of course your looks.

    ♥ Thankfifi

  2. Super slick babe! What a gorgeous jacket and I love the combo with a tee and slouchy jeans and hats look awesome on you! Stellar look Ev!


  3. OMG! Girl, I just looooove your style! This look is going straight to my pinboard!
    That jeans must be made for your beautiful legs and that hat looks fantastic on you!




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  4. I´m sure that somewhere in the depth of my closet I have a tuxedo jacket. Not as gorgeous as yours of course. I completely agree with you. Too bad that I don´t have a similar pair of sandals as well <3


  5. I totally agree that my navy blue velvet Stella McCartney tuxedo jacket with black lapels is one of the best investments I ever made.

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