Topshop dungaree (check also my other favorites here), Etoile Isabel Marant Flavie top, Jerome Dreyfuss Bobi bag, Celine shoes, Topshop beanie.
File this outfit under “you ask, I make it happen”, again. So after I’d instagramed ( of course we can invent words, no?) the depicted Topshop dungaree many of you email me If I could make a post about it. Apparently the diabolical Mercury planet which, damn, turns retrograde in a couple of hours hasn’t affected our intergalaxial communication, we still have it folks, and behold your girl, me me me, strolling incognito in the most, dare I say, asexual-sexy over-all. Say what? Yes, our clothes get mutated through our mood. Haven’t you learned yet? And this dungaree is no exception.

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  1. OMG! This goes straight into my inspiration folder! Love how you combined a pair of comfy dungarees with a pair of heels, to make it more ladylike. And that bohemian IM top looks so gorgeous on you as well. The beanie is just the cherry on top of the cake. GORGEOUS!



  2. You look super cute … I love the outfit and how you are wearing the dungarees; looks great with only one side up! :)

  3. Hi!

    Love those overalls. Wondering if yours are to small… Do you have the measures? You know where I can get them bigger? topshop or are thay sold out?

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