IRO fall/ winter 12/13- Sneak peek

  IRO flashing Anabela leather jacket.

Now that Jupiter, the planet of luck, has entered Jemini, there also will  be some fairly exciting benefits brought to us, the totally mellow, deeply weird Pisces . And talking about exciting, see the super hot IRO goodies that arrived at my door yesterday, from their upcoming winter collection. Aren’t they fantastic? What’s your favorite? Tell tell tell.

ps. If you’re living in Greece you can find them at Zilly stores in the near future.

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  1. I love all of them! Can you share with us where you bought them? doesn’t have half of it, and I would really like to put my hands on the bag and the denim shirt.

    • Hi Carina, unfortunately most of them are not available online yet. But check the post I’ve just added a link with the jacket. If you ever come to Greece you can find them at Zilly stores.

  2. So lucky, so many beautiful pieces. Can’t wait to see how you’re going to combine it. :)
    Love the blue jacket and the sheer black blouse, stunning.


  3. It’s too hard to pick just one! I love the sheer blouse with the zipper deets and the loving the bold blue of the jacket! Can’t wait to see you rocking your new goodies!


  4. Hi dear!

    Congrats with your new investment:) Really cool jacket:) I am getting more in and more in love with this electric blue color:)I think it will be my next “neon yellow”:)

    Looking forward to see your styling:)


  5. I genuinely love them all – every photo I scroll down to looks better than the last – can’t wait to see how you style them and if you don’t want any of them… send them my way!

    ♥ ThankFifi

  6. IRO has been one of my favorite designers the past 2 years. The sheer blouse with zipper is a perfect blend of soft and hard, and the denim shirt reminds me of one I have that was last season’s APC and is still one of my favorite go-to tops.

  7. Fabulous! I love all of these – the colour of that jacket is beautiful. Thanks for introducing me to this brand I’m gonna be keeping an eye out for it. I’m a fellow pisces – good to know I have some luck coming my way : )

    Kate xo

  8. These are lovely! I’m in love with the blue jacket!

    But I wonder, did the brand send those to you?

    by the way, love your blog/style!
    XXX Olivia.

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